Finger Mate Ring Shanks

Fed up with painfully forcing rings over your knuckle just to get it on and off? Does your ring twist easily or flop to the side once it’s on your finger?  Let Juniker Jewelry Co. solve your problems by installing a Finger Mate hinged ring shank. We are one of the only jewelers in Jackson that performs this service in-house as opposed to sending it away, keeping your special piece of jewelry safe in hands you know and trust.

The shank, which is the bottom half of the ring, is hinged and allows the ring to expand to fit over the knuckle then clasps securely and comfortably once on the finger.  The Finger Mate shank opens automatically when the ring is pulled from the top and locks closed when its sides are squeezed together.

There are no buttons to push or any dangling flaps. The special safety spring allows the shank to open three to four sizes, but prevents it from opening fully; securing the ring from loss if the catch is not locked. Its two-position locking mechanism not only offers an extra margin of safety but also allows for a half-size adjustment should the ring become too tight on a particularly hot and muggy day in Mississippi.


Finger Mate shanks are available in a variety of widths and styles to accommodate almost any ring and are made of 14K gold and platinum exclusively.  No steel springs or other base metal is ever used in the product.

Stop by our location in Highland Village, call us at 1-800-796-3754 or e-mail for more information.