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Diamond Education

The diamond has always been regarded as the most precious stone in the world. It is a gem of extreme hardness symbolizing constancy, strength and innocence. The word alone conjures up a thousand images: rare, precious, desirable, beautiful, sparkling tokens of love, a gem whose purity and brilliance symbolizes lasting love.

Mysterious and magical, the diamond claimed its place as the token of love toward the end of the 15th century when diamonds were placed on the fourth finger of the left hand. It was believed that through that finger ran the vein of love that passed directly to the heart. Today, diamonds remain one of the most luxurious and desirable gifts for any romantic and celebratory occasion.

What makes a diamond so special is its beauty, durability, purity and enduring value. No two diamonds are alike and each stone, like its owner, is endowed with a personality and character uniquely its own.

Juniker Jewelry Company has many sources for diamonds and fine jewelry. While many big chains and other companies claim to have discount prices or to sell at wholesale pricing, Juniker Jewelry’s claim is value and customer satisfaction. Choosing a diamond is one of the most emotionally charged purchases you will ever make. It is important to have a diamond guide, someone who will understand what you would like to buy and will help you make an informed buying decision.

There are four factors that determine the value of a diamond, collectively known as the 4-C’s, Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. At Juniker Jewelry, we have added a fifth C — Certification. We are ready to help you learn about these factors so the process of buying a diamond will be an enjoyable one, and you can buy with confidence.

Juniker Jewelry also has an American Gem Society Certified Gemologist Appraiser on staff who will work with you to find just the right diamond and answer questions along the way. We invite you to make the most of their knowledge and expertise when choosing the perfect diamond. Because expertise in the grading, selection and sale of diamonds takes years of training, we recommend you always buy a diamond from a professional jeweler who has established an excellent reputation for integrity and service and make sure to always have diamond appraisals completed at the time of purchase.

We also have a large selection of antique and estate diamond jewelry made with antique diamonds. From 1850 – 1931, old-mine cut diamonds and old European cuts diamonds were in vogue. Today, these antique cuts have great value as well as emotional appeal. Old miners were cut before 1900 with the bottom tip, called the culet, cut off flat because it was believed this would allow even more light into the diamond. Old European Cut stones were cut from the turn of the 20th century to about 1931.